Today, I'm sharing Brielle's birth story on my blog. It's raw, it was emotionally draining to write, and it's blunt. I'm sharing it on here because I believe that it is important to share birth narratives for so many reasons, and every pregnancy and birth story is important. Sharing my story in all of its graphic details is important to me because I hope it explains more vividly why I don't want more biological children; why questions like "When are you going to have more kids?" are intensely upsetting to me. If you suffer from PTSD, PPD, PPA...know that you have a home in my heart.

So, without further ado...


That, I remember. 
I remember being told to push. I remember being amazed that so much pressure could render such a beautiful epidural so useless. I remember the feeling of betrayal that the end of such a mentally tortuous pregnancy--a pregnancy characterized by the wraiths of a decade-long eating disorder; an end I'd been dreaming of …

When the Tomb is Empty but You're Still Struggling to Find Joy

I stood in my daughter's room, looking at the cornflower blue Easter dress I'd chosen to wear that I'd carefully draped over the edge of her crib to keep the full skirt from creasing. I mentally reviewed the accessories that I planned to wear with it, from the fluffy petticoat in a contrasting color to the matching shoes and belt. I thought about how my daughter's pink and cream lace dress would set off my carefully curated outfit, and had to admit that all I was doing was distracting myself from real issues at hand.

Everyone has ways that they cope with grief and stress, some more beneficial than others. I wish that I could say that the way I cope with said emotions is by vociferously cleaning my home/cooking meals for the needy/etc. In all truth, I shop. I plan outfits. I obsess over minor details like my clothing, because in moments where my life feels like it's spinning out of control, I focus on the little things that I can control, and that helps in the mome…

How to Create an Excellent Elementary School Homeschool Portfolio for PA Students

Homeschool portfolios.

The end-of-year showcase of your little snowfla-I mean, student's-academic and extracurricular progress and prowess. The moment you, as a homeschool parents, get to demonstrate all of your child's Mensa-level brilliance to your chosen homeschool evaluator. The time of year where you can look back at the tangible evidence of a job well done over the past school year, and toast your patience as a parent/teacher hybrid.

Or not.

Maybe the idea of searching through all of your carefully organized files *insert laugh track* to find the right items fills you with dread. Maybe you don't have any clue what to include in a portfolio, if you need to do one, why you should or shouldn't, whether or not it matters if you lost little Timmy's weekly math test from October whatever-teenth, or if you have to include the paper that Jess bombed spectacularly, only to watch your evaluator grimace in horror. Possibly you think that it needs to be scrapbook-afficio…